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CertaPro mailer

IMS, Inc. Helps CertaPro Paint Outside the Lines with Data-Driven Mailers

By Cindy Cumings on January 03, 2022

The larger the organization, the more focused and targeted the messaging needs to be to truly resonate with potential customers. This is most certainly the case with CertaPro, a commercial painting company with more than 350 franchise locations across the United States, and specifically one of its Colorado-based franchisees who used variable data to create a hyper-targeted direct mail campaign. 

To execute such a forward-thinking campaign, CertaPro partnered with global omni-channel communications, design, and innovation group IMS, Inc. to identify projects CertaPro completed in specific residential neighborhoods and create an interactive direct mail campaign targeted to nearby residents highlighting these projects.   

These residents received custom direct mail pieces with personalized copy, unique offers, and references to CertaPro jobs completed nearest to the recipient’s home. In addition, each mailer featured a QR code that opened a special offer, contact information to schedule a consultation, and a clear, concise call-to-action to create a more dynamic and memorable experience. 

While the potential of this campaign was evident in its conception, its potency could not be fully realized without a printing platform that could pair the large amounts of variable data with superior print quality. 

Canon Solutions America’s ColorStream 6900 was the perfect fit for the job, which was printed on 8.5 x 11 sheets and #10 envelopes. The ColorStream 6900 offered easy set-up, vibrant color and image quality, and rapid turnaround to help CertaPro execute a cost-effective, timely campaign. 

The ColorStream 6900 offers productivity and flexibility for high-speed color and monochrome production of transactional, transpromo, direct mail, book, and manual applications with the reliability, print quality, and media range associated with the DigiDot technology. The ColorStream 6900 also provides modular design functionality via single and twin configurations for the ultimate in print flexibility in today’s ever-changing market. 

Working with this innovative technology, IMS, Inc. helped CertaPro paint outside the lines in a strategic, targeted way to create a direct mailer that stood out in a growing, crowded field. 


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