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Compu-mail print innovation

Compu-Mail Demonstrates Stunning Color and Quality in Promoting Visual and Fine Arts Events

By Cindy Cumings on February 16, 2022

The success of any event depends on how and where said event is promoted, and this is particularly true in more niche areas such as the visual art space where the target audience can skew more on the narrow side. This was most definitely the case for renowned Buffalo, New York, photographer Tom Burns and his photography showcase and gala featuring scenic and architecture photos of the Buffalo area. 

The challenge was creating a dynamic, engaging piece of promotional material to raise awareness of and drive attendance to the gala. The solution was partnering with Upstate New York direct marketing and communications agency Compu-Mail to design and distribute a high-end, visually appealing invitation card that captured the essence and spirit of Burns’s work while informing and enticing recipients to attend the showcase. 

Using Canon Solutions America’s varioPRINT iX series digital inkjet printing platform, Compu-Mail created an 11 x 17 invitation card that was easily folded into a 6 x 9 finished piece that highlighted excerpts of the photography attendees would view at the Burns gala. In addition, the pre-press team designed a custom black logo for the back of the invitation card for both an added creative flourish and distinctive character to keep the upcoming event top of mind for recipients. 

The end result was a unique invitation card where the outstanding visuals via high-quality images with depth and dimension not only did justice to Tom Burns’s photography acumen and creativity but also helped stoke interest in the gala. The next-level quality also lended to a print piece with superior durability and longevity, transforming what would be a toss-away invitation to something of an art piece in its own right. 

From visual art to fine art, a local theater company partnered with Compu-Mail to create promotional posters to market upcoming productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Secret Garden. The objective was to not only capture the essence of each show via thematically-related and show-stopping color and design, but to also leverage a printing platform that was mindful of efficiency and cost. 

Canon’s varioPRINT iX once again allowed Compu-Mail to create high-end posters that brought to life the scenes and characters from each play. Printed on 80 lb Blazer Satin paper stock, both posters were visually stunning while also demonstrating  unparalleled durability for use throughout the run of each production. 

Both productions experienced robust ticket sales, and the efficiency and precision provided by the varioPRINT iX inkjet platform resulted in robust return on investment for the theater company: The Secret Garden performing at $3 - 4 in return per $1 invested in marketing, while Joseph experienced $15 in return per $1 spent. 


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