Color Management

Telling a Great Story with Print Samples

Submitted by pmcgrew on July 26, 2018

Often overlooked when juggling all the dos and don’ts of selling inkjet’s value to your clients— your print sample kit. Print samples that tell a story by pairing the print solution with a functional story differentiates you from your competitors. Further, story-telling print samples give your sales reps stronger talking points when engaging with prospects and existing customers.

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A Color Conundrum: Accurate but wrong.

Submitted by Capt_Jan on July 17, 2017

Recently while perusing my local wing joints sauce heat index I started thinking about an all too common problem for printers. How spicy is too spicy? Color perception, like taste is very subjective. 

I grew up with an Asian influence in a step-mother who immigrated from South Korea. I enjoy very spicy foods. My wife on the other hand grew up with a comparably “bland” palate. Thus food she finds too hot I regularly enjoy. Similarly when discussing color do we know how “spicy” our customers want their color?

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thINK Color Management - Inkjet Color Basics

Submitted by Capt_Jan on February 06, 2017

Jan Lemieux, Advisor Color Solutions Engineering, Canon Solutions America and Andrea Glissman, Senior Color Consultant, Océ Technologies, presented “Inkjet Color Basics” at thINK 2016.  Did you miss it?  Read a summary below and view the recorded session on the Resource Center of this website, under “Event Presentations.”

The good old days: simpler times when life’s only encumbrance was a pager, a Walkman and a VCR that constantly flashed 12:00 am. A time when color management was easy, right?

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Achieving Consistent Color Across All Your Print Processes

Submitted by lweese on March 19, 2015

Color consistency and repeatability are important – to your shop and to your clients. But producing reliable and consistent color can consume considerable time and money. An increasingly popular way to best analyze color and print-related issues to assure repeatable, predictable results is to become a G7 Master qualified facility.

Have you heard of the G7® process? Perhaps you’ve had inquiries from potential clients about whether you are a G7 Master shop. Some print buyers will only work with G7 Master printers because they know that a G7 Master printer

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