May 2020

Communication Tip: How to Support and Motivate Your Clients

Submitted by on May 20, 2020

With COVID-19 creating a time of uncertainty and fear, the following can only be applied if and only if you’ve first reached out to clients with empathy. Ask if everyone is OK and establish if now is a good time to talk business by asking targeted questions to identify needs. Only then can the following be applied.

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The Value of Being Sales-Curious

Submitted by Bill Farquhars… on May 13, 2020

In every problem, there is an opportunity.


It’s been interesting to watch how businesses have reacted to this crisis. While the majority have come to a complete standstill, Amazon and Walmart are said to be hiring half a million new employees just to handle this tsunami of orders they been hit with because of the virus as people are buying more goods and services online than ever.


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How to Keep Concise and Keep Attention

Submitted by on May 11, 2020

Now more than ever we are bombarded with information. Whether you’re binge watching news to learn the latest on Covid-19, or binge watching Netflix to escape, many of our minds are at capacity with what we can handle. In a time when attention spans are short and fragile, how can you ensure you stay concise and get your clients to really hear you?

Don’t bury the lead! 

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A Better Message to Send Your Customers

Submitted by AspireForBill on May 01, 2020

It’s important to note that while we are all concerned and scared about our business, our clients are, too. Kelly and I are here to offer you suggestions and to provide support. You, in turn, can serve in the same role for your customers. With their businesses shut down, it is likely they have some extra time on their hands. Give them an idea for what to do with it. 

For example…

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