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Bill and Kelly Sales Tip

Two Sources For Inkjet Print Leads

By ebochniak on November 18, 2020

Hey Kelly, I Have a Question…

Bill: Hey Kelly, right off the top of your head, can you give me two sources for inkjet printing leads?

Kelly: Absolutely! The newspaper and the Google.

Bill: Okay, which newspaper and what am I looking for?

Kelly: The Wall Street Journal and trends.

Bill: Trends? What are you talking about?

Kelly: The Journal does a great job of identifying companies and industries which are not just surviving 2020, but thriving. Once you become a steady reader, it gets very easy to know which markets are experiencing the kind of opportunities you want to be a part of.

Bill: Okay. And what exactly should I be Googling?

Kelly: Simple. How about, “Which industries are doing well during COVID?” Or how about, “Trends in banking, colleges, hospitals, etc.”

Bill: Is it really that simple?

Kelly: Yes. But remember, looking for inkjet print prospects does not have to be radically different than looking for any good prospect. You want to find a strong industry. You want to work with people who look beyond the specifications of the job and are open to new ideas. The other option is to take a known solution and seek out others who have that same problem. It is equally important to improve your overall selling skills, not just your ability to sell inkjet successfully and profitably.

Bill: Brilliant!


Bill Farquharson is a sales trainer for the graphic arts. He can be found at

Kelly Mallozzi is a content creator for the graphic arts. She can be found at