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Selling Inkjet to Hospitals

By Bill Farquhars… on August 03, 2020

In order to find a profitable inkjet print application, you needn’t look any further than your driveway. Every day, potential opportunity is lying there waiting for you to wake up and go get it. It’s scent permeates the air just like morning coffee.

It also has another name: The Wall Street Journal

In 2007, the financial world was rocked. No, it wasn’t the housing crisis. That stew was still boiling but had not yet exploded. Rupert Murdoch purchased The Wall Street Journal and faithful readers were between concerned and terrified over the changes he was certain to make.

Would it now take a more scandalous, attention-seeking journalistic approach?

Fast-forward today. You will be relieved to know he’s done something far more surprising: He’s made it more readable.

Found within its pages are stories that go beyond the financial world. There is a column written by one of the best sportswriters in the country, Jason Gay. Another column deals with issues regarding airlines, but instead of talking about the companies, The Middle Seat covers issues from a passenger’s standpoint. On the weekends, they cover more laid-back, social issues.

And then there are the Special Reports.

From time to time, the Journal Editors choose to put an industry under the microscope while at the same time take a deep look into their crystal ball and predict the future.

Why do you care?

One such Special Report focused on hospitals. In it, they discussed the growing trend of building standalone Emergency Rooms on busy street corners.

Wait, do you smell that? That’s the smell of inkjet print opportunity.

How will the hospital make that new ER successful? Who is their target market? What kind of database do they have? What exactly can they handle at this facility?

History’s best sales trainer, Dale Carnegie, taught us “You can get what you want when you figure out what the other guy wants and help them to get it.” In this case, the translation is “You can make a profitable inkjet print sale by helping the hospital to make this ER successful.”

Pay attention and take notice. Profitable opportunities are delivered every morning.




Bill Farquharson is a sales trainer for the graphic arts. He can be found at Kelly Mallozzi is a content creator for the graphic arts. She can be found at