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Pay Attention and Connect the Dots for Profitable Print Opportunities

Pay Attention and Connect the Dots for Profitable Print Opportunities

By Bill Farquhars… on January 08, 2021

Do you read the Wall Street Journal every day? If not, you should.


What if you read an article talking about how difficult it is for automobile dealers to adjust in this COVID-19 selling environment? Specifically, they are struggling to keep it personal. People buy from people, after all and car dealers are getting their lunch eaten by startup companies who deliver cars right to your door. They need help.

Your help.

It’s profitable to pay attention and connect the dots between opportunity and print.

Banks are in trouble. Airlines, too. Hotels, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters… the list goes on and on. Virtually every sector of business is struggling right now. Imagine calling on one of them and saying, “I want to talk you about how I can help.” If ever you had a chance to get a voicemail message returned, this is it. But, you need to be informed.

Good salespeople know their industry. They understand the equipment, capabilities, and limitations. They are good communicators. They follow-up well and keep the client informed. However, good salespeople also understand customers are interested in their world, not ours. As such, good salespeople stay informed and up to date on the needs and challenges their customers are facing.

Value the information that can be gained and then turned into sales calls and profitable print opportunities. Once you understand the problem a prospective industry and/or customer is faced with, you will be able to marry that problem to a solution that inkjet print can offer. Doors are flung open when you take prospective customers a solution to their problem. Solve the Problem, Earn the Order!

Newspapers which report on business trends and problems give you the opportunity to come up with solutions that can be turned into profitable sales.


Bill Farquharson is a sales trainer for the graphic arts. He can be found at

Kelly Mallozzi is a content creator for the graphic arts. She can be found at