March 2020

What makes someone buy what you’re selling?

Submitted by on March 16, 2020

Research says we need reasons to feel confident about our decisions to buy something. That goes for buying a product or buying into a concept or a message. When we feel confident about our decision there’s actually a neuron in the brain that fires up and triggers people to take action. This happens regardless of the amount of information we have, it’s based on the feeling of confidence.

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A Closer Look at Project 360

Submitted by ToniMcQuilken on March 11, 2020

Canon Solutions America is driven to help customers find inkjet success, and one new way they’re doing that is through Project 360. Launched in early 2019, Project 360 is designed to broaden the scope of services that customers receive when they purchase an inkjet press. Most customers already leverage Canon’s Professional Services Analysts and Advisors in the months immediately following installation, but Project 360 is intended to provide support further out — even several years later.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward With A Great Website

Submitted by Christopher Hosford on March 10, 2020

In a previous blog, we delved into the makeup of the sales funnel—the essence of your marketing efforts—and ways to communicate specifically with each stage of the customer’s journey. The top of the sales funnel, as I noted, means assessing new visitors to your website, who perhaps have searched for some particular product or need, or maybe viewed one of the blogs.

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