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Bill and Kelly Sales Tip

The Advantages of Inkjet – Helping Your Customer Imagine the Possibilities

By Bill Farquhars… on September 10, 2020

Imagine if you were walking down the road at dusk and you came across an artist painting the sunset. The sky is a brilliant mix of colors, red, yellow, orange…and changing by the minute. As some artists are protective of their work, you ask permission to have a peek. What you see takes your breath away.

It’s in black and white.

Here is the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen laid out on the canvas of the sky and this knucklehead is choosing black and white to portray it?

“Why not paint in color?” you ask.

“Color? What’s that?” comes the curious reply.


Giving an artist the opportunity to do more than just create monochromatic scenery opens up worlds of possibilities. What if you gave a worker a toolbox? Or how about handing a mechanic a wrench?

Imagine the results.
Imagine. That is the word you can focus on when deciding what to say to customers and prospects regarding inkjet printing.|
Imagine what worlds you will open up to them.

The capabilities of inkjet are to the imagination what discovering sight is to the blind. Connecting clients to those capabilities requires an understanding of their needs and challenges as well as comprehension of inkjet printing itself.

Step One: Study the client—Get to know their world and goals by reviewing their website and looking for clues.

Step Two: Think about your inkjet capabilities and where it fits.

Step Three: Search LinkedIn to find the person you want to speak with.

Step Four: Ask, “What if?” questions as a way of demonstrating the benefits of inkjet.

Your goal is to enter into a sales conversation where information is exchanged and possibilities are made known. You are a problem-solver. Once you build the skill of uncovering challenges, you can use the benefits of inkjet to create profitable and repeatable sales.


Bill Farquharson is a sales trainer for the graphic arts. He can be found at

Kelly Mallozzi is a content creator for the graphic arts. She can be found at