Who We Are

thINK is an independent community of Canon Solutions America Production Print customers, solution partners, and print industry experts, and Canon Solutions America is a proud executive sponsor. Led by some of the most successful inkjet service providers in the country, it provides a forum for members to network, gain knowledge, discuss common challenges, and share best practices.

Today, thINK is a self-governed and growing community of more than 2,000 members. Its most recent annual conference, drew over 600 attendees, making it the largest user group event for inkjet production printing. The event’s focus remains on innovation, best practices, and world-class education. The organization’s goal is to give production print providers a forum to share stories, knowledge, and experiences that will help the entire community be more successful.

Supported by Canon Solutions America, they work together to build upon the resources available on this site to give members the inkjet tools, videos, market research, and whitepapers that meet the evolving needs of the growing inkjet community. 

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