Efficiency is Everything

We all know that workflow is at the heart of productivity and profitability. With increased automation in your everyday operations, you can optimize your printing investments and enable more profitable revenue streams. Join Canon Solutions America in this webinar discussion about how you can optimize efficiency to drive overall profitability.

The Buzz: Inkjet for Production Printing

Find out why the digital printing industry is buzzing about Inkjet. Update on the current and future applications for inkjet technology in color proofing, color printing, and black and white printing.

The Opportunity: Forms Replacement

Save time, money and labor! Eliminating pre-printed forms is your answer to offering greater flexibility for your customers while increasing your production efficiency.

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Gain flexibility in forms design
  • Change forms on demand
  • Offer quicker job turn around

Join Buddy Mountcastle, Océ Software Marketing Product Manager, to find out how you can streamline your workflow and reduce costs - all without changing your existing applications.