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3 Ways You Should be Using LinkedIn Now

Prospecting is hard work and it’s even harder if you don’t use all of the tools at your disposal. Social media is one of those powerful tools. Specifically, LinkedIn should be in your toolbox now when marketing your business to current and prospective customers. Leveraging your LinkedIn Company Page and the LinkedIn profiles of your sales team will help build credibility and lead prospects to you.

Building Your Bottom Line

Kick-start your business strategy as Keypoint Intelligence (InfoTrends’ Kate Dunn) takes you on a whirlwind tour that will help you identify growth opportunities for your business in 2018. Print service providers at all levels of expertise will learn how to focus on key initiatives that impact their organization’s bottom line. Learn selling strategies that will help you grow sales within your existing installed base and marketing and prospecting strategies to find new customers. 

Top 5 Business Practices of High Performance Sales Organizations

Industry sales practices have not kept pace with innovations and changes in printing processes, print products, and service offerings. The industry’s failure to transform sales processes has resulted in increasing pricing pressure, eroding margins and declining revenues.

Using the results from InfoTrends’ study Best Practices of High-Performance Print Sales Organizations, Kate Dunn and Barb Pellow will help you identify weaknesses in your sales process and offer tips and recommendations on what you can do to build a more effective sales organization.

Get Selling Right in 2017

More productive equipment and streamlined workflows should be the keys to profitability, but too many companies fail to realize true improvement. If your sales organization is still selling like it did in the 1990s, it’s time to make a change! By learning best practices for high-performance sales organizations, you can start out on the right foot and see better results in 2017.

Aim for Online and Score

To remain competitive, printing firms must harness the power of the Web. What can it do for you?
    • Solve your customers problems
    • Increase your business
    • Differentiate core offerings
    • Deliver results  

The tips in this webinar can help you bolster your company's online business. Kate Dunn, Director of the InfoTrends Business Development Group, shares three key opportunities that you should pursue.

Thanks so much to Kate Dunn of InfoTrends for preparing the content and presenting!

What's My Line: Positioning Digital Services

The print provider is shifting from providing simple transactional print services to offering and supporting cross media marketing solutions. Learn how to speak with CMOs and educate your sales force about solutions selling.