Book Printing

Inkjet Printing Implications on Book Publishing Webinar

Books are shifting to digital production. Driven by the need to better manage inventories, books are the fastest growing digital production inkjet application. Discover how to obtain greater flexibility to meet client’s needs, fill channels appropriately and economically, improve time-to-market, and create new revenue streams.

How to Market Digital Print to Book Publishers

Digital printing has revolutionized the publishing business model. Join InfoTrends and publisher, Vista Higher Learning, to discuss how smaller press runs and print-on-demand are helping publishers reduce risk, inventory and capital expenditures. With 35,000 publishers in the U.S., this is a market worth pursuing.

They're Back: Out-of-Print Titles

Your digital printing technology can open doors with publishers. Print-on-demand advancements are helping publishers resurrect out-of-print titles and increase the number of titles available to consumers. They are growing their business with backlisted titles and so can you.

Matt Rees, InfoTrends, and Tom Delano, Vista Higher Learning, outline the market opportunity and present ways you can support publishing initiatives.