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How can you help steer the conversation and stay on message? Be a proactive passenger!

When you do an interview with someone or engage in Q&A – it’s like traveling with that person in a car. Whoever is asking the questions is in the driver’s seat, with their foot on the gas pedal, pushing the journey forward. You’re the passenger. You’re a part of the journey but you don’t have as much control as the driver.

Blog Entry
July 08, 2020

Selling inkjet printing successfully is not a matter of understanding what a particular company within a vertical buys (i.e. their print needs) but rather what their challenges are (i.e. their business needs) and what you can do to solve them. Using this approach allows you to finish the sentence that starts, "The purpose of my call" with an idea, such as what's discussed below, rather than the words "to find out who buys your print." With that in mind, we offer the following selling opportunity…

Blog Entry
July 07, 2020
While this is a great question to ask yourself anytime, it is especially relevant now as you wait and wait for the COVID-19 crisis to pass.
Blog Entry
July 02, 2020