Media Profiles and Media Packs

Paper options for Canon inkjet presses continue to grow at a rapid pace. To speed delivery of media profiles to your press, we’ve made them available here for download. Profiles for the VarioPrint i-series and VarioPrint i-series+ can be filtered by software version and ColorGrip.

Install Instructions
For instructions on adding media profiles to your Canon ProStream press, download this PDF.
For instructions on adding media catalogs to your VarioPrint i-series with software 2.1.X or lower, download this PDF.
For instructions on adding media packs to your VarioPrint i-series with software 2.2.X or higher, download this PDF. Please note that the media packs are password encrypted and should be imported into the device as such.

Need to Determine the Software of your VarioPrint i-series?
To find out which software your press is running, download these instructions.

Naming Convention
Each of the numbers and letters used in the VarioPrint i-series media profile naming convention has a specific purpose. To learn what they represent, download the key

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