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Perfecting Your Email Content Marketing Strategy

Submitted by Christopher Hosford on July 11, 2019

Email is one of the oldest of internet technologies and still one of the most effective as a marketing tool.

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Create Your Workflow Journey Map to Fix Your Workflow

Submitted by ryan.mcabee on June 25, 2019

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was your print shop. The business grew over time. Customers, employees, equipment, and software have likely come and gone. Odds are also high that you now offer more applications that are being produced across multiple types of print technology. But have your processes and toolsets to support those processes changed with the times?

Over our years of performing workflow assessments, we have found some commonalities across print shops of all shapes and sizes:

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CabinetM: A Handy Way to Find and Compare Marketing Technologies

Submitted by Christopher Hosford on June 25, 2019

Marketing these days is driven by technology. By some accounts there are at least 7,000 marketing tech products out there that can help you be a marketing winner —or confuse you completely. How can you pick what marketing technologies to invest in that make sense for your particular business, and that will provide the best return on your investment?

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6 Tips for Selling Inkjet to New Customers

Submitted by MaydakA on June 12, 2019

Today’s inkjet technologies promise efficient production at the speed of light with print quality that gets better and better every day. But how do you sell the benefits of your latest investment to new customers, be it a new market or the next generation of print buyer? It’s honestly not as difficult as you think.

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Automation Intent Doesn't Meet Reality and Is Costing You Money

Submitted by ryan.mcabee on June 4, 2019

Printers readily admit if and where they struggle with their workflow. This year 55% of printers said dealing with a high number of small jobs was their biggest workflow bottleneck and challenge as part of Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends 2019 North American Software Investment Outlook. Yet, 43% of those printers said their workflow processes were mostly manual in many of their departments.

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