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OneTouchPoint Boosts Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with Seven Canon varioPRINT 6000 TITAN Series Production Presses

By Cindy Cumings on April 15, 2024

OneTouchPoint, a leading technology and marketing execution services provider, embarked on a transformative journey by acquiring seven Canon varioPRINT 6000 TITAN production presses, each equipped with the Plockmatic PowerSquare™ BLM550+ inline booklet maker. This strategic move signified a monumental shift for the company, moving away from the conventional and embracing Canon's cutting-edge technology. We sat down with Rob Tynan, Vice President of Operations at OneTouchPoint, to understand the pivotal role these TITANs have played in reshaping their operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.


A Game-Changing Transition: Replacing the Old with the New

OneTouchPoint's decision to adopt the varioPRINT 6000 TITAN series was motivated by their continual efforts to increase efficiencies—both internally and externally—and to achieve cost savings. “We’ve had a great leap forward in efficiency—after replacing twelve competitive devices with just seven Canon TITANs, we continue to successfully support over 425 orders a day with an average of 8,200 orders per month, varying in quantities of one to thousands, while increasing our turn times—with fewer machines,” shared Rob.

Intriguingly, the transition wasn't just about quantity but also a shift in the nature of print jobs to address the evolving needs of their customers. The varioPRINT 6000 TITAN presses enabled OneTouchPoint to move to a more agile print-on-demand approach to reduce inventory and cater to shorter print runs. As Rob explained, “The flexibility to handle shorter print runs with faster turnaround times and competitive pricing has resonated well with our customers, bringing a significant change to their cost-saving and eco-friendly strategies.”


The Customer Perspective: A Paradigm Shift in Printing

With both a move toward increased sustainability and cost savings driving customers, OneTouchPoint has seen a large shift away from high-volume runs and extensive inventory to more cost-effective and demand-driven models. This change reduces waste due to obsolescence and minimizes inventory, all while helping customers realize increased savings and faster turnaround times and has been widely popular with OneTouchPoint’s customer base. “OneTouchPoint's ability to facilitate reduced waste and offer more targeted printing approaches has been pivotal in strengthening our customer relationships and loyalty, reinforcing our reputation as both a reliable and forward-thinking partner,” Rob said.


The Competitive Edge: varioPRINT 6000 TITAN Outshines the Competition

OneTouchPoint's choice to adopt the Canon TITAN series wasn't arbitrary, but based on an extensive evaluation of the market. Canon's offerings not only met but exceeded their expectations, putting them ahead of the competition. Furthermore, the seamless transition to Canon's workflow software, PRISMAprepare, streamlined their operations. The software's enhanced capabilities simplified file management, reducing the complexity of repeat jobs and improving efficiency. The Canon Solutions America service and technical support have been top-notch, ensuring consistent uptime and minimizing disruptions in their operations. “Many people say it, but I’ll say it again—the relationship with Canon Solutions America is simply unique; I truly feel that they are a partner, not a supplier. They care about our business and provide the support we need to be successful,” Rob said.


The OneTouchPoint Difference: A Commitment to End-to-End Excellence

What sets OneTouchPoint apart is their commitment to delivering purpose-built technology solutions combined with local marketing, brand management, state-of-the-art print capabilities, and complete production and fulfillment solutions. Their single-vendor approach reduces vendor management by encompassing the needs of marketing and procurement teams under one roof. The focus on service, coupled with their advanced technology, has created a compelling package to deliver customer satisfaction.
With their investment in seven Canon TITANs, OneTouchPoint caters to a wider range of clients with increased agility and precision. The Canon TITANs, combined with their dedicated team, have strengthened their position as an industry leader, making them the go-to choice for businesses looking for a printing partner that truly understands their needs.
With over 500 employees across six locations, OneTouchPoint specializes in delivering purpose-built technology solutions and managed services—from marketing to print production across various industries including alcohol and beverage, financial services, franchise and retail, healthcare, healthcare insurance, and manufacturing. Their ISO 9001, FSC, SOC 2, HIPAA/PHI, HITRUST, and G7 certifications underline their commitment to quality and excellence.


OneTouchPoint’s Commitment to Sustainability

Specifically, the varioPRINT 6000 TITAN series digital presses are designed to support sustainability initiatives, by helping to lower energy consumption and minimize toner waste, ozone emissions, and heat output. “Moving print from offset complements our commitment to sustainability. Digital printing offers many benefits, including helping to reduce waste, support chemical-free production, and reduce make-ready and set-up time. You also can add cost-efficient production of shorter runs matched to actual demand, even down to a run length of one,” Rob shared. “Canon’s technology enables us to offer more sustainable business models to our customers, including on-demand printing, dynamic publishing, and programmatic print.” 
“We are pleased that the varioPRINT 6000 TITAN presses are enabling OneTouchPoint to offer their customers a more cost-effective, demand-driven print model that helps support their sustainability initiatives and commitment and, in turn, helps them increase customer satisfaction and loyalty,” said Francis McMahon, executive vice president, Production Print Solutions, Canon Solutions America, Inc.

About OneTouchPoint

OneTouchPoint offers purpose-built technology solutions and managed services designed specifically to support the industries we serve. Today, we power more than 3,000 brands, including Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing, healthcare, healthcare insurance, financial services, alcohol and beverage, franchise, and retail industries across our technology and production platforms. OneTouchPoint seamlessly brings together local marketing capabilities, brand management, state-of-the-art commercial printing capabilities, and complete production and fulfillment capabilities to create elevated brand experiences across customer touchpoints—online, offline, or in-store. Visit the OneTouchPoint website to learn how we can help you amplify your brand, deliver content, and distribute physical goods—anytime, anywhere, anyway—all while realizing bottom-line operational savings and increasing marketing effectiveness.

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