Proposed Senate Bill Aims to Take Consumer Privacy Further than GDPR

Submitted by cmcmahon on November 16, 2018

At the start of November, 2018, Senator Ron Wyden (Democrat from Oregon) proposed a bill that is designed to amend the powers of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), giving the agency the power to investigate and prosecute companies that collect and use personal data from their consumers. Known as the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA), this bill is clearly influenced by the EU’s recent activation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

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Making the Most of Print in 2018

Submitted by lisa_cross on January 26, 2018

In 2018, organizations will select communication channels based on the experience delivered to customers and print will play a key role. Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends research confirms the viability and strength of print as organizations continue to invest the majority of their budget dollars on it. As we kick off the new year, here are the top ways to make the most of printing in the new year. 

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Your Customers Trust You… It’s Time To Think About Data!

Submitted by Barb.Pellow on June 19, 2017

Marketers know that success hinges on identifying customer behaviors and preferences, then offering products or services that respond to their needs. Marketers have more data about their customers than ever, and they also have access to technologies that can reach customers where they are with relevant messages via the best channels. Corporations of all sizes want to use the data that they have to guide marketing efforts in a more effective direction. 

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Data-Driven Marketing: The Basics of Using Data

Submitted by debora.haskel on June 15, 2017

Panel Presenters:
Debora Haskel, VP Marketing and Corporate Communications, IWCO Direct
Peter Barzach, Vice President of Operations, Data-Mail, Inc.
John Downing, Chief Technology Officer, Impact

The Data-Driven Marketing session highlighted the basics of variable messaging techniques and how to introduce your customers to its power. After an overview presentation, the panel discussed examples of successful campaigns, challenges, and lessons learned. 

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It’s Time to Lead with Data

Submitted by Barb.Pellow on June 12, 2017

The “D” in DMA took on a new meaning in 2016. On the eve of the professional group’s 100th anniversary in October, the Direct Marketing Association rebranded itself to become the Data & Marketing Association. This new naming convention reflects the fact that data- driven marketing is going to get bigger, better, and more integrated into consumers’ experiences in the coming years. Consumers crave spot-on experiences, and savvy marketers want to deliver! Data-driven marketing services represent a double-digit growth opportunity for service providers (print and agencies).

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Forward thINKing

Submitted by tpowers on January 23, 2017

The thINK 2016 conference may be over, but that doesn’t mean the education stops. During the three-day event, both new and existing thINK members united to share inkjet experiences, learn from experts, and hear from some of the most successful inkjet service providers in the industry. More than 30 sessions – designed for all levels of inkjet experience and awareness – were held throughout the event. Now, all the thINK conference presentations are available in the resource center at, giving thINK members unprecedented access to a robust library of inkjet-related knowledge.

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thINK Member Dave Johannes Shares… I Like Big Data and I Can Not Lie

Submitted by Dave Johannes on January 09, 2017

Dave Johannes, Senior Vice President, IWCO Direct teamed with Ron Goglia, Director of Output Distribution Services at Cigna and Nick Romano, Co-Founder & CEO at Prinova, to present the thINK 2016 session “I Like Big Data and I Can Not Lie.”  Did you miss it?  Read a summary below and view the recorded session on the Resource Center of this website, under “Event Presentations.”

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