Content Marketing

Be a Proactive Passenger In Your Communications

Submitted by on July 08, 2020

How can you help steer the conversation and stay on message? Be a proactive passenger!

When you do an interview with someone or engage in Q&A – it’s like traveling with that person in a car. Whoever is asking the questions is in the driver’s seat, with their foot on the gas pedal, pushing the journey forward. You’re the passenger. You’re a part of the journey but you don’t have as much control as the driver.

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Marketing Through a Crisis: Your Value Proposition

Submitted by Christopher Hosford on April 28, 2020

In today’s challenging new world where you and your customers are facing unique challenges, it’s important to send the right marketing messages now, communicating empathy and emphasizing that your brand will be there for customers today and when the crisis is over.

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Communication Tip by Amy Fond

Submitted by on April 13, 2020

How do you continue to communicate with clients while the world is turning upside down? Do you back off and give everyone space? Do you reach out even more to not sever ties?


The answer lies more in how you communicate. Now is the time to be more strategic and purposeful with your communication. 


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The Essential Roles in Modern Digital Marketing

Submitted by Christopher Hosford on September 10, 2019

Digital marketing has dramatically changed the kinds of jobs necessary for a modern marketing operations team. It takes the right people to develop the strategy and processes to successfully promote your digital printing business, win new customers, and keep the ones you have. Whether your company experiences digital marketing success or failure will be determined by having the right people on your side.

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Use Direct Mail That's Informed by Market Intelligence

Submitted by Christopher Hosford on July 18, 2019

In this series about the marketing basics for printing companies, we’ve covered a lot of ground, including developing your value proposition and vision, finding and cultivating new customers, and in particular developing a content marketing plan to draw the interest of prospects.

What we haven’t covered up to this point is using one of the best marketing methods at your disposal: your own expertise in print and direct mail, combined with the intelligence you can gain from digital sources.

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How to Put Together a Content Marketing Plan & Calendar

Submitted by Christopher Hosford on March 12, 2019

In our previous post we established why content marketing is an effective tool for building your brand’s reputation and broadcasting it more widely to give your printing business a big boost. Content marketing is all about communicating with customers in a variety of ways that establishes you as a thought leader through a variety of channels, including blog posts, email, direct mail, social media, and more.

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