May 2014

BB Webinar QA from Tonya

Submitted by tpowers on May 13, 2014

Last month, Canon Solutions America sponsored a Book Business webinar entitled Inkjet: The Implications for Book Printing Manufacturers and Publishers. InfoTrends’ Barb Pellow and Jim Hamilton, who were guest speakers, discussed how high-speed inkjet technology for book printers has already had a profound business impact for adopters. Throughout the webinar, the audience was encouraged to submit questions to the InfoTrends panelists.

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Workflow in Today’s Transaction Printing Environment

Submitted by sjammallo on May 06, 2014

One of the challenges with selecting a workflow solution for print is that specific tasks and processes that have to be managed and ideally, automated for different segments of the print industry are strikingly different. Jobs flow differently in commercial print shops than they do in high-volume transactional operations, direct mail houses, service bureaus or CRDs/copy shops in enterprise environments. The work is different, the flow is different and that means the workflow solution must be different as well, doesn’t it?

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