Awards Entry Form

thINK Inkjet Innovation Awards Entry Form

Winnovation Criteria
Finishing Type

Project Description

Provide a 500-750-word description of your project to help the judges understand how it meets the winnovation criteria.  Include details like:

  • problems solved by this project
  • challenges overcome during production
  • whether the design was done internally or by an external agency
  • before and after cost per piece
  • feedback you received from the customer
  • any other details that will help your submission stand out

We may use this description for promotional purposes.

If you need assistance or would like help filling out this section, please check the "Help Me with Project Description" box below.

Please provide the best phone number and which day(s) and time of day to reach out to you.  A representative will be in touch.


Don't forget to submit your project samples! Mail your completed consent form and five (5) print samples for each entry to:

Attn: Inkjet Innovation Awards
5600 Broken Sound Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33487

If applicable to your project, provide before and after samples.