February 2017

Where's the Money? Targeting Profitable Print

The concept of vertical marketing isn’t new, but many businesses still don’t fully understand how to implement it. When pursuing a vertical market, you must be ready to invest the time and efforts required to develop strategies that align internal resources to market needs, educate and train staff members, and allocate resources for ongoing market monitoring. This Webinar will explore the importance of vertical marketing, the steps needed to successfully execute a targeted approach, and an overview of print opportunities in various segments.

Profitable Print in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and healthcare providers are among the most document-intensive businesses spending an average of $28 million on marketing communications (for large enterprises and $71,152 for smaller healthcare firms). These organizations use print to educate patients, market services, explain the benefits of medical services and track patient care. With more than 830,000 establishments and combined annual revenue of about $2.2 trillion this market offers many opportunities for print service providers and distributors to provide communications products.

Profitable Print in the Financial Industry

The U.S. financial services sector accounts for over $16 million in print spending every year (for large enterprises and $61,000 for smaller businesses). How will you capture your share of this industry? Part of the Profitable Print thINK Webinar Series, this session will take a close look into the financial industry and how you can gain market share. Join this Webinar to learn about the financial services market segment, the key trends in this industry, the opportunities for profitable print and how to target and sell into these financial establishments.