January 2014

Efficiency is Everything

We all know that workflow is at the heart of productivity and profitability. With increased automation in your everyday operations, you can optimize your printing investments and enable more profitable revenue streams. Join Canon Solutions America in this webinar discussion about how you can optimize efficiency to drive overall profitability.

It’s Time to Embrace Change!

Navigating the year ahead starts with identifying the key trends and forces that will shape the business landscape. In this webinar, InfoTrends shares 10 trends that are expected to yield the most influence in 2014 and offers recommendations on how to harness these trends to grow revenues and profits.

Paper Perfect - Endless applications to drive your digital business

Digital color is the most significant business opportunity in the printing industry today. This webinar will provide an overview of the unique paper substrates offered by Canon Solutions America. We will discuss the applications available to drive your digital business and illustrate how some of our customers are using these products - the possibilities are endless! Presenters include digital printing pioneer Barb Pellow, InfoTrends Group Director, and Canon Solutions America Marketing Executives, John Crumbaugh and Jeff Sarringar.

The Right Data at the Right Time

According to the DMA, personalized communication performs one-third better than the typical direct mail response rate of 3.42%. To get that kind of boost, you will need to deliver the right message to the right client at the right time. That means your data must capture exactly who your customers are and what they seek. In this Canon Solutions America webinar, we’ll discuss how companies are gathering data to deliver a relevant and meaningful customer experience.