November 2012

High-speed Inkjet: A Revolution in Production Printing

It's a hot topic in the printing market; the trend is a steady march to inkjet and color. But why? In this webcast, InfoTrends and DST Output point to higher levels of productivity, compelling cost of operation, and improved print quality offered by the newest high-speed inkjet systems. Attend the live webcast and receive a FREE copy of the InfoTrends whitepaper, High Speed Inkjet: Emerging Trends and Real World Applications.

How to Market Digital Print to Book Publishers

Digital printing has revolutionized the publishing business model. Join InfoTrends and publisher, Vista Higher Learning, to discuss how smaller press runs and print-on-demand are helping publishers reduce risk, inventory and capital expenditures. With 35,000 publishers in the U.S., this is a market worth pursuing.

In-Plant Print Operations: Opportunities in Value-added Services

The double impact of market trends -- such as a growing number of communication channels and an ailing economy -- are pushing in-plants to become more innovative, more productive and more cost effective. In-plants are also facing greater scrutiny and the threat of outsourcing from parent entities that are a looking to focus on core services. In this webinar, moderated by InfoTrends, we’ll share insights into what services in-plant print operations are providing and introducing.

The Buzz: Inkjet for Production Printing

Find out why the digital printing industry is buzzing about Inkjet. Update on the current and future applications for inkjet technology in color proofing, color printing, and black and white printing.