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Navigating the Generational Communications Landscape

Modern consumers expect a lot. In the omni-channel reality, whether you (or your clients) are trying to reach Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials, or Generation Z, knowing the end customer is the key to any good communications strategy. Generational consumer preferences about e-mail vs. direct mail, online engagement, mobile usage, and general buying habits should be at the core of your customer communication services.

3 Ways You Should be Using LinkedIn Now

Prospecting is hard work and it’s even harder if you don’t use all of the tools at your disposal. Social media is one of those powerful tools. Specifically, LinkedIn should be in your toolbox now when marketing your business to current and prospective customers. Leveraging your LinkedIn Company Page and the LinkedIn profiles of your sales team will help build credibility and lead prospects to you.

Building Your Bottom Line

Kick-start your business strategy as Keypoint Intelligence (InfoTrends’ Kate Dunn) takes you on a whirlwind tour that will help you identify growth opportunities for your business in 2018. Print service providers at all levels of expertise will learn how to focus on key initiatives that impact their organization’s bottom line. Learn selling strategies that will help you grow sales within your existing installed base and marketing and prospecting strategies to find new customers. 

Top 5 Business Practices of High Performance Sales Organizations

Industry sales practices have not kept pace with innovations and changes in printing processes, print products, and service offerings. The industry’s failure to transform sales processes has resulted in increasing pricing pressure, eroding margins and declining revenues.

Using the results from InfoTrends’ study Best Practices of High-Performance Print Sales Organizations, Kate Dunn and Barb Pellow will help you identify weaknesses in your sales process and offer tips and recommendations on what you can do to build a more effective sales organization.

Profitable Print in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and healthcare providers are among the most document-intensive businesses spending an average of $28 million on marketing communications (for large enterprises and $71,152 for smaller healthcare firms). These organizations use print to educate patients, market services, explain the benefits of medical services and track patient care. With more than 830,000 establishments and combined annual revenue of about $2.2 trillion this market offers many opportunities for print service providers and distributors to provide communications products.

Profitable Print in the Financial Industry

The U.S. financial services sector accounts for over $16 million in print spending every year (for large enterprises and $61,000 for smaller businesses). How will you capture your share of this industry? Part of the Profitable Print thINK Webinar Series, this session will take a close look into the financial industry and how you can gain market share. Join this Webinar to learn about the financial services market segment, the key trends in this industry, the opportunities for profitable print and how to target and sell into these financial establishments.

Where's the Money? Targeting Profitable Print

The concept of vertical marketing isn’t new, but many businesses still don’t fully understand how to implement it. When pursuing a vertical market, you must be ready to invest the time and efforts required to develop strategies that align internal resources to market needs, educate and train staff members, and allocate resources for ongoing market monitoring. This Webinar will explore the importance of vertical marketing, the steps needed to successfully execute a targeted approach, and an overview of print opportunities in various segments.

Get Selling Right in 2017

More productive equipment and streamlined workflows should be the keys to profitability, but too many companies fail to realize true improvement. If your sales organization is still selling like it did in the 1990s, it’s time to make a change! By learning best practices for high-performance sales organizations, you can start out on the right foot and see better results in 2017.

Océ ImageStream 3500: Inkjet on a Roll

In May 2014, Canon announced the Océ ImageStream 3500, the first Océ full-color press that can print on offset coated paper stocks. This system helped strengthen Canon’s position in the publishing and commercial printing markets, and the latest development enables print service providers (PSPs) to consistently produce the same high-quality output across offset and digital production lines—eliminating the need for two different types of paper.

Taking Aim: Why is Target Marketing Important?

Understanding a customer’s business has never been more important. Today, customers and prospects research products and services they are considering purchasing using the Internet. This often makes service offerings and pricing transparent. The wealth of online information often leads buyers to make decisions before they even speak to a sales rep. This means print providers need to find new ways to enhance and add value to customers. Understanding a customer’s unique challenges and opportunities starts with understanding their industry.

Inkjet: Follow the Pages!

Since drupa 2000, we have seen an increasing focus on inkjet technology for the print on demand (POD) market. High-speed production color inkjet technology is closing the productivity gap between offset and digital printing. You get all the advantages of digital print plus high productivity and low consumable costs that make it very competitive with offset and suitable for high-volume printing. Join this Canon Solutions America webinar to discuss how inkjet technologies are impacting existing applications and opening new business opportunities.

Inkjet Printing Implications on Book Publishing Webinar

Books are shifting to digital production. Driven by the need to better manage inventories, books are the fastest growing digital production inkjet application. Discover how to obtain greater flexibility to meet client’s needs, fill channels appropriately and economically, improve time-to-market, and create new revenue streams.

2015: It's Prediction Season Again!

Another new year is upon us, and that means it’s prediction season again! It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that you’re going to be inundated with predictions as industry pundits contemplate your future — at least your future for print and marketing services. In this Canon Solutions America webinar, InfoTrends’ Group Director Barb Pellow will share strategies for success in 2015.
This webinar will explore:
1. Trends in marketing spend that drive new service provider requirements
2. Innovative use of technology to open new application opportunities

Océ VarioPrint i300: Everyone is Talking Inkjet, What About Cut Sheet?

Everyone is talking about inkjet. 2015 will mark the official launch of the Océ VarioPrint i300. This high-speed, sheetfed digital inkjet full-color press was unveiled at the Print '13 event and will be released this year. The system will combine the best, market-proven, sheet-fed technologies from Canon's portfolio with an innovative, patented four-color ink system. The Océ VarioPrint i300 can produce up to 3,800 duplexed B3 sheets and up to 8,500 duplexed letter sheets per hour, with volumes of up to 10 million letter size images per month.

Adding Wide Format to the Mix

Wide-format isn’t only for digital sign shops. More commercial printers are eyeing wide-format as a means to significantly increase their profitability and grow their businesses without too big a stretch in expertise or investment in capital equipment. Their existing customer base provides a great starting point to begin selling wide-format. From there, its a combination of repeat business, word-of-mouth, demonstrating new applications, and building awareness in the community such as open houses, and advertising.

It’s Time to Embrace Change!

Navigating the year ahead starts with identifying the key trends and forces that will shape the business landscape. In this webinar, InfoTrends shares 10 trends that are expected to yield the most influence in 2014 and offers recommendations on how to harness these trends to grow revenues and profits.

The Right Data at the Right Time

According to the DMA, personalized communication performs one-third better than the typical direct mail response rate of 3.42%. To get that kind of boost, you will need to deliver the right message to the right client at the right time. That means your data must capture exactly who your customers are and what they seek. In this Canon Solutions America webinar, we’ll discuss how companies are gathering data to deliver a relevant and meaningful customer experience.

Paper Perfect - Endless applications to drive your digital business

Digital color is the most significant business opportunity in the printing industry today. This webinar will provide an overview of the unique paper substrates offered by Canon Solutions America. We will discuss the applications available to drive your digital business and illustrate how some of our customers are using these products - the possibilities are endless! Presenters include digital printing pioneer Barb Pellow, InfoTrends Group Director, and Canon Solutions America Marketing Executives, John Crumbaugh and Jeff Sarringar.

Efficiency is Everything

We all know that workflow is at the heart of productivity and profitability. With increased automation in your everyday operations, you can optimize your printing investments and enable more profitable revenue streams. Join Canon Solutions America in this webinar discussion about how you can optimize efficiency to drive overall profitability.

Aim for Online and Score

To remain competitive, printing firms must harness the power of the Web. What can it do for you?
    • Solve your customers problems
    • Increase your business
    • Differentiate core offerings
    • Deliver results  

The tips in this webinar can help you bolster your company's online business. Kate Dunn, Director of the InfoTrends Business Development Group, shares three key opportunities that you should pursue.

Thanks so much to Kate Dunn of InfoTrends for preparing the content and presenting!

Turn Process Into Profit with TransPromo Printing

Statements have become increasingly strategic and are now often viewed as a revenue-generating platform rather than an operational document representing an accepted cost of doing business. Barbara Pellow, of InfoTrends, explores the trends and techniques used in the industry to turn process into profit for transactional documents. Learn how to make the most of transactional documents by using the white space to deliver targeted messages that can be as personal and relevant as the transactional documents that contain them. 

Social Media or Bust

As a marketing tool, social media holds infinite possibility for marketers and service providers. Nevertheless, it is largely misunderstood, untapped, and unknown. It's the pioneers in the print industry who will score with social media. InfoTrends Director, Kate Dunn, provides a baseline for print and marketing services providers who want to incorporate social media into their own marketing efforts, and offer social media services to their clients.

Print = Interactive

Interactive print is not the future, it's here and now! Over the past few years, technologies have emerged to combine the strengths of print with online channels - mobile, social, and the Internet. On this Canon Solutions America Press Go webinar, InfoTrends Associate Director Lisa Cross explores how marketers, service providers, and agencies are uniting print, video, personalized URLS, QR codes, near-field communication, texting, and augmented reality to deliver multi-channel campaigns founded on print media.

Insurance Pays – Property and Casualty Insurance Digital Print Opportunity

With nearly 900,000 people employed in insurance agencies and brokerages, both carriers and agencies are striving to increase and improve their contact with insurance customers. Industry leaders, Richard Losch of Gooding Communications Group and Angelyn Treutel of SouthGroup Insurance, provide an overview of the trends and business communications opportunities. Sponsored by the Canon Solutions America Press Go! program.


Calculating Ink Cost and Coverage.
Guy Broadhurst of Canon Solutions America shares a standardized approach to calculating ink cost and coverage.

All About Media

John Crumbaugh, one of Canon Solutions America's newest marketing executives and a 20 year veteran in the digital printing industry, knows ink and media. In fact, he works directly with paper mills to ensure the best media selection for Canon Solutions America customers. In this PressGo! webinar, John shares his knowledge of paper types, ink and paper interactions, the current state of inkjet media, and the right paper for the job.

The Buzz: Inkjet for Production Printing

Find out why the digital printing industry is buzzing about Inkjet. Update on the current and future applications for inkjet technology in color proofing, color printing, and black and white printing.

In-Plant Print Operations: Opportunities in Value-added Services

The double impact of market trends -- such as a growing number of communication channels and an ailing economy -- are pushing in-plants to become more innovative, more productive and more cost effective. In-plants are also facing greater scrutiny and the threat of outsourcing from parent entities that are a looking to focus on core services. In this webinar, moderated by InfoTrends, we’ll share insights into what services in-plant print operations are providing and introducing.

How to Market Digital Print to Book Publishers

Digital printing has revolutionized the publishing business model. Join InfoTrends and publisher, Vista Higher Learning, to discuss how smaller press runs and print-on-demand are helping publishers reduce risk, inventory and capital expenditures. With 35,000 publishers in the U.S., this is a market worth pursuing.

High-speed Inkjet: A Revolution in Production Printing

It's a hot topic in the printing market; the trend is a steady march to inkjet and color. But why? In this webcast, InfoTrends and DST Output point to higher levels of productivity, compelling cost of operation, and improved print quality offered by the newest high-speed inkjet systems. Attend the live webcast and receive a FREE copy of the InfoTrends whitepaper, High Speed Inkjet: Emerging Trends and Real World Applications.

They're Back: Out-of-Print Titles

Your digital printing technology can open doors with publishers. Print-on-demand advancements are helping publishers resurrect out-of-print titles and increase the number of titles available to consumers. They are growing their business with backlisted titles and so can you.

Matt Rees, InfoTrends, and Tom Delano, Vista Higher Learning, outline the market opportunity and present ways you can support publishing initiatives.

The Opportunity: Forms Replacement

Save time, money and labor! Eliminating pre-printed forms is your answer to offering greater flexibility for your customers while increasing your production efficiency.

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Gain flexibility in forms design
  • Change forms on demand
  • Offer quicker job turn around

Join Buddy Mountcastle, Océ Software Marketing Product Manager, to find out how you can streamline your workflow and reduce costs - all without changing your existing applications.

The Price Is Right: Pricing Digital Print

5/3/11: Pricing your products and services in the digital era is a complex challenge for print providers. Matt Rees of InfoTrends discusses the topic with Brian Russell of RR Donnelley and Bob Dahlke of Visographics.

What's My Line: Positioning Digital Services

The print provider is shifting from providing simple transactional print services to offering and supporting cross media marketing solutions. Learn how to speak with CMOs and educate your sales force about solutions selling.

Color Coordinated: Adding Color to Digital Print Documents

3/1/11: See how your peers in the digital printing are adding color capabilities into their black and white business. Tips and techniques offered by Elizabeth Gooding, President, Insight Forums, with some real-live experiences from Cheryl Kananowicz, Vice President, DST Output.