CIC Print Innovation: JPS Graphics - Sylladot Reading Program

Printed by JPS Graphics, the Sylladot Reading Program consists of six workbooks for students of all ages to improve their reading comprehension skills. Exceptional color quality and paper stock created a multi-sensory learning experience that effectively translated the program’s more than 40 years of patented literacy techniques in ways that would be unachievable with a digital workbook.

Printed on 70 lb. pre-perforated stock for the teacher’s manual and 70 lb. traditional stock for the reading lessons, the workbooks feature a smooth page texture that stimulates tactile learning. The pre-perforated pages in the teacher’s manual allow for easy removal and use. Custom color binding makes it easy to identify each of the 250–300 page installments of the series, and a hybrid printing solution seamlessly combined black-and-white pages with full-color in a cost-effective manner to help Sylladot provide critical reading comprehension instruction to students across the country.