CIC Print Innovation: Copy General - Global Bookshelves

Copy General, an innovative print technology leader with more than 40 years of industry experience, was approached by Global Bookshelves founder, Janan Sarwar, to help raise the profile and popularity of multicultural children’s books by reproducing them for publication in North America. The first challenge was recreating these tales in a way that would hook a new audience of readers and draw them into the story. The second challenge was leveraging a print solution with the capability to produce set print runs and on-demand orders with the same high quality and efficiency.

The Canon varioPRINT iX-series proved to be the ideal print platform for helping Copy General print on-demand orders from the Global Bookshelves online store. Printed on Verso Futura Digital Dull Text 100 lb. and Verso Futura Digital Dull Cover 100 lb., the varioPRINT iX-series helped Copy General create a series of visually engaging, perfect bound books with dynamic illustrations that helped each story leap off the page and find a home in the imagination of children.