Data-Driven Marketing: The Basics of Using Data

Submitted by debora.haskel on June 15, 2017
Deborah Haskel

Panel Presenters:
Debora Haskel, VP Marketing and Corporate Communications, IWCO Direct
Peter Barzach, Vice President of Operations, Data-Mail, Inc.
John Downing, Chief Technology Officer, Impact

The Data-Driven Marketing session highlighted the basics of variable messaging techniques and how to introduce your customers to its power. After an overview presentation, the panel discussed examples of successful campaigns, challenges, and lessons learned. 

“Being a full service provider means constant change – as the clients expect more we transition to deliver more.  This led us to become early adopters of high-speed color printing to deliver data-driven marketing campaigns.  Working with customers for data-driven marketing is a crawl, walk, run process.  Educating the customer on the capabilities of the platform is critical.” Peter Barzach shared.  

View the on-demand session to learn how variable messaging can take your printing to the next level and turn it into your organization’s competitive advantage. Hear responses to these and other questions:

  • How do you educate clients about using variable data in their marketing communications?
  • What business elements are important when you move into variable data?
  • What business changes did you make when you made the move to digital color?
  • How did digital color impact your workflow and processes?
  • How do you price digital color?

View the on-demand session now!

Debora Haskel is an expert in marketing and creative strategies that increase response, conversion, and engagement rates, direct mail production and printing technologies, and helping clients increase their return on marketing investment (ROMI). She is also the marketing leader for Mail-Gard, a division of IWCO Direct with a 20-year history of providing business continuity and disaster recovery services. Haskel is a regular contributor to direct marketing publications and is a frequent speaker at conferences including DMA events, the National Postal Forum and the PODi AppForum.