February 2020

Acquiring Prospects & Converting them to Customers

Submitted by Christopher Hosford on February 24, 2020

Marketing is the life’s blood of your business. Prospects must be found and—somehow—converted into customers. Fortunately there’s plenty of insight into how to do this, because prospects generally follow a clear pathway in making buying decisions. It’s called the sales funnel.

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Why Your 3 Messages Are A Mistake

Submitted by amy@mediatrainer.tv on February 17, 2020

Anytime I do a media training I ask the same question. “How many
messages do you think you should have for your target audience?”

Every time I get the same answer… “Three.”

Three seems to be that magic number. In the literary world there’s the
“power of three”, a writing principle that says things that come in three
are funnier, more satisfying and more effective. Even in numerology
three is considered to be “the perfect number.” Lists that come in three
seem to be easier to remember. No one wants a list of 15 things. Three

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I didn’t quit my job, I fired my company: Lessons to leaders on saving the best assets you didn’t know you had.

Submitted by aprisant on February 13, 2020

A few months ago, I asked a simple question – have you ever quit a job? The responses came in fast and furious – but what was more interesting were the reasons why people quit their jobs – and how many of them would have stayed if given the chance. In the pilot study, one of the key statistics that stuck out was…. 

92% of people said they quit because of management.

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3 Tips to Capture Attention

Submitted by amy@mediatrainer.tv on February 13, 2020

Imagine you live in Maine. You see a headline on your phone that reads: “Bear
sighted in backyard.” You click on the story and you see the bear sighting happened
at a home in Alaska. Are you going to read the story?

Now imagine that you click on the same headline and see that the bear was sighted
in your next-door neighbor’s yard. Will you read more?

Chances are you’ll focus on the story when it more directly impacts you. That’s
because we’re more apt to pay attention when we feel involved and when we think

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