July 2017

Top Reasons CMOs Love Inkjet

Submitted by Barb.Pellow on July 21, 2017

Today’s consumers are bombarded with thousands of promotional messages on a daily basis, from television or radio ads to out-of-home advertising, social media, e-mails, and Internet ads. Marketers face the challenge of getting their messages out in a way that cuts through this clutter and encourages desired behaviors in recipients. Marketers are increasingly leveraging statements and other transactional documents as a marketing platform, so these documents are becoming an integral part of the overall customer experience.

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10 Best Practices of High Performance Print Sales Organizations

Submitted by lisa_cross on July 19, 2017

A key challenge facing today’s print and marketing service providers is finding and applying the right mix of best practices to increase sales staff performance. InfoTrends conducted a research study to identify the best sales practices of printing companies that were experiencing sales growth, surveying over 250 print service providers and conducting telephone interviews with 22 executives of printing companies.

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A Color Conundrum: Accurate but wrong.

Submitted by Capt_Jan on July 17, 2017

Recently while perusing my local wing joints sauce heat index I started thinking about an all too common problem for printers. How spicy is too spicy? Color perception, like taste is very subjective. 

I grew up with an Asian influence in a step-mother who immigrated from South Korea. I enjoy very spicy foods. My wife on the other hand grew up with a comparably “bland” palate. Thus food she finds too hot I regularly enjoy. Similarly when discussing color do we know how “spicy” our customers want their color?

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