thINK ahead '22 Agenda



Wayfair Tax Compliance: The Unintended Consequences on the Printing Industry

Date: Tuesday, July 18
Time: 1:30PM - 2:15PM EST

The taxman is on the prowl, and for printers and direct mail producers, the time for burying one’s head in the tax compliance sand is over. State tax agencies have begun auditing printers and direct mail producers for use tax even though these companies don’t step foot in the state! This presentation will provide the latest news about state sales and use taxes, including the recent North Carolina Supreme Court decision involving a major producer, currently seeking review by the U.S. Supreme Court, that will impact future assessment and collection activities. Don’t be caught unaware about how your mailing activity, postage payment, and client billing might be exposing you to tax liability – and maybe not even from your home state!