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Show Me the Money: Higher Profits Through Better Pricing

Location: Royal IX & X
Date: Tuesday, July 16
Time: 1:30PM - 2:15PM EST


Doug Butdorf
Senior Pricing Consultant

Boost Pricing

If you are excellent at what you do, you should be paid like you are excellent. Not like you are good. Not like you are average. Not like you are mediocre. A lack of confidence in pricing power holds many businesses back from what’s possible. In this session you will discover your true pricing power. We will discuss: 

• The Power of Pricing & Discounting:
Pricing has a dramatic effect on profitability. Discounting is the enemy of profitability, often used unnecessarily out of phantom fears of sales volume loss. Reduce unnecessary discounting to drive higher profit margins.

• Price Sensitivity:
Not every customer and product or service is equally price sensitive. Leveraging variable sensitivity allows businesses to increase pricing in targeted areas for improved profit without volume loss. Even in highly competitive industries, there are pockets of unexercised pricing power.

• Value-Based Pricing:
Here’s a counter-intuitive truth: sellers are more focused on price than buyers. Relentless focus on understanding and communicating value allow businesses to increase pricing and grow sales.

Join us to discover practical steps to boost profitability through strategic pricing. Learn how to reduce unnecessary discounting, leverage price sensitivity, and implement value-based pricing to drive higher profit margins and sales growth.