thINK ahead '21 Agenda



Risk Management: Positioning Yourself for the Future Supply Chain

Surfside Room, The Boca Raton Beach Club
Date: Thursday, October 14
Time: 10:00AM - 10:45AM EST



Marco Boer

Vice President
IT Strategies, Inc.

Marco Boer is recognized as a trusted consultant to the digital printing industry. He has a reputation for being able to put complex information and concepts into a context that is easily understood by his audience. With more than 30 years of experience in advising digital printing equipment and supplies manufacturers on developing the next generation of digital printing technology, Mr. Boer has developed a deep understanding of digital printing technology and its applications. Mr. Boer has been the Conference Chair of the popular IJ Summit and Digital Packaging Summit since 2014 and actively participates on many advisory boards across the industry.




Eric Hollingsworth

Vice President of Operations
RevSpring, Inc.

Based in Nashville, TN, Eric is the Vice President of Operations at RevSpring, Inc. and is responsible for print production (facilities and staff) and general corporate operations. Eric joined RevSpring through acquisition and previously held positions as the Chief Operating Officer of Apex Revenue Technologies and Chief Operating Officer of Letter Logic. Eric began his career in the insurance industry, beginning with Progressive Insurance and Alfa Mutual Insurance Company.


Mike Ratcliff

Midland Paper

Mike Ratcliff is the President of Midland Co.’s Specialty Paper & Film Division. Mike has led the division for Midland since 2012 growing it from $8.0 million in 2012 to over $115.0 million in 2021. After graduating from University of Iowa, Mike started his career in 1984 as a CPA at Arthur Andersen & Co. in Chicago. In addition to his audit responsibilities, Mike worked with Andersen’s consulting division focusing on turnarounds of printing and publishing companies. With over $1.0 billion in sales, Midland is a national, diversified distribution company focusing on paper, packaging, and consulting solutions for its customers.


As the print industry unevenly starts to emerge from the COVID pandemic, a new challenge is emerging. Business is picking up, but the availability of paper stocks has become more limited and unpredictable, which in turn has caused paper prices to increase. This session will address the following:

- What is happening to the paper supply chain? Why is it happening, and what is needed for the supply chain and price increases to stabilize? 
- What have been the implications for print providers? How should print providers react today?
- How have print providers mitigated any changes that have negatively impacted their business?
- What should print providers consider for tomorrow to protect themselves?
- When can we expect the supply chain to become more stable?

Please join Marco Boer from IT Strategies, Mike Ratcliff from Midland Paper, and an insightful print provider as they discuss the current rollercoaster actions in the paper supply chain.