thINK ahead '22 Agenda



Response Optimization: Trends Your Customers Are Embracing

Date: Tuesday, July 18
Time: 11:00AM - 11:45AM EST

Join us for another highly anticipated Direct Mail: Response Optimization session presented by Chris Wells. In our thINK Ahead continuation of the Response Optimization series, we will delve into response optimization trends marketers are preparing for, and why it is imperative that you and your team understand how to guide them to success. Understanding how these trends will impact your business will not only set you and your customers up for success, it is a necessity to stay relevant as fundamental shifts in marketing will obsolete those who don't adapt. During this sesion, you will discover how you can become an essential part of your clients’ transition to a new era of communication and become an integral player in the omnichannel revolution that is transforming modern marketing strategies. We will define and demonstrate the top (5) key trends, as well as provide you with actionable ideas to position your company to be a leader in the future:

• Extended Reality

• Digital Engagement

• Artificial Intelligence

• Social Integration

• Retargeting 2.0