thINK ahead '21 Agenda



The Paper Chase: Inkjet Production in a Market with Paper Shortages

Tides Room, The Boca Raton Beach Club
Date: Thursday, October 14
Time: 1:00PM - 1:45PM EST



David Croll


David Croll holds Bachelor’s and PhD Degrees in Paper Science and Engineering. In previous companies, he has worked as a Project Engineer in the area of paper surface treatments and coating for SCA Fine Paper in Germany; as a Product Development Manager at Modo Paper in Sweden; and as Development Manager for digital papers, and mill technology manager and sales and marketing manager for digital papers at M-real in Germany. Later, he worked at the paper research institute, PTS, in Munich, Germany, as Competence Center Manager for surface technology followed by Competence Center Manager for fibre technology. His current position at Canon Production Printing Germany is Strategic Program Manager Graphic Arts Media. In this role, he is responsible for media qualifications for continuous feed Canon Production Printing digital presses, customer consultancy on ink and media issues, research on ink and media interactions, and media development for inkjet printing.


The past two years have been a very turbulent time in the graphic paper and printing markets. Announcements of some papermill capacity closures to balance supply and demand already started prior to the COVID pandemic, but the pandemic drove major restructuring measures in several major paper companies. 

Canon has invested significant resources in supporting the paper manufacturers when moving media to different manufacturing or distribution channels to ensure consistent performance on our Canon presses. The availability of some paper grades has been significantly reduced and some have been discontinued altogether, so it is reassuring for our customers to know that the Canon Inkjet presses have a wide flexibility in the media which can be used.

During this session will hear about opportunities for print service providers to keep their Inkjet presses running despite paper shortages.