thINK ahead '22 Agenda



The Future of Direct Mail: Innovative Trends That Will Win The Mailbox

Date: Tuesday, July 18
Time: 2:30PM - 3:15PM EST

Join Comperemedia's Associate Director of Marketing Strategy, Nicole Bond, as she provides an in-depth exploration of how brands are reinventing their approach to direct mail to adapt to consumers' evolving behaviors in the digital age. This session will showcase how brands in various sectors, including Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Travel, and Retail, are leveraging print activations to stay top-of-mind and foster recall further down the marketing funnel. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of direct marketing, including communication trends, key players, and leading industries. Discover how notable brands across sectors use direct mail to connect with tailored audiences, and explore best-in-class examples of innovative print themes and channel strategies. Uncover unique growth opportunities to leverage in client conversations and gain insight into the future of direct mail efforts. During this presentation, you will learn how to communicate your extended value to highly sought-after audiences using direct mail, which remains a vital component of traditional marketing channels in the digital age.