thINK ahead '22 Agenda



Direct Mail & Transactional: The Path That Got You Here May Not Be the Path to Get You There

Date: Tuesday, July 19
Time: 11:10AM - 12:00PM EST

More than ever, businesses everywhere are looking for new ways to engage with their audience. This means that companies of all sizes must acknowledge and examine critical trends and the impact they have on their future. For leaders in Direct Mail and Transactional print, establishing a framework to avoid a downturn and sustain growth as we move forward requires strategy, innovation, and creativity.

Join us to hear from our panelists as they share what they are doing today to have a prosperous tomorrow. We will discuss why inkjet plays a vital role in their strategy, how to pioneer innovation in the workplace, and the resources they depend on to achieve their long-term goals. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with your industry peers and learn from their best practices.