thINK ahead '22 Agenda



BCC Software thINK Theatre Presentation

Location: Partner Pavilion
Date: Tuesday, July 18
Time: 12:45PM - 1:05PM EST

Title: Identify and Help to Reduce or Eliminate USPS Postal Assessments

Monitoring and identifying PostalOne! errors for many companies can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Companies often spend 2-3 hours or more per day reviewing Scorecard errors using spreadsheets and other database tools to determine the cause.

What if:

1) You could receive a daily email that quickly identifies whether everything is running smoothly or if errors need to be reviewed?

2) There was a central process for collecting and storing Mail Quality Data Feeds?

3) You could quickly identify and determine actionable errors, such as move updates or undocumented errors?

4) Automated processes could handle mail.dat uploads and postal statement retrieval associated with Mail.dat submissions?

Learn how BCC Software can help eliminate tedious manual tasks and improve Mailers Scorecard results while helping to reduce or eliminate postal assessments.