thINK Ahead -- 10 years Agenda



Artificial Intelligence: Prepare Your Business For The Future

Location: Salon G & H
Date: Tuesday, July 16
Time: 3:30PM - 4:15PM EST


Emilee Christianson
Director of Client Services


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than a buzzword — it's an unavoidable reality for your business. While change can be scary, this type of change is also brimming with opportunity for print service providers. From insights about foundational AI concepts to identification of benefits that AI can bring to your business, this session will unpack what you need to know about AI and how to start leveraging the technology effectively and ethically. 

You’ll leave with actionable strategies and practical tips to prepare your business for a more efficient and profitable future to include:
•    Building an AI policy for your company
•    Creating a plan for leveraging AI for your company
•    Framing AI discussions with your customers
•    Evaluating AI tools best suited for your business
•    Testing low-risk AI tools